Sales Tax Policy

This document describes QuantFinSoft, Inc. (hereinafter "QFS") Sales Tax Policy. You will need to agree to this to place orders for QFS Products.

QFS is a Delaware incorporated company and at this time does not collect sales taxes for any state in USA. At this time no sales taxes or VAT are collected for other countries as well.

QFS may in future collect sales taxes as required by federal, state and local law. Notwithstanding QFS’s failure to collect sales taxes now or in the future you may still be liable under federal, state and local law.

If Sales taxes are collected said sales tax shall be applicable to each subscription payment, not just the first payment.

If QFS does not collect sales taxes on your payment, it does not imply that no sales taxes are owed on those payments only that QFS is not required to collect any sales taxes owed. It is your responsibility to check with laws applicable to you on subscriptions based leases of software products and pay any sales taxes due.

To help determine if taxes need to be collected, you are required to maintain the correct usage address for all your orders. QFS currently supports only one usage address per order. Please make sure to place multiple orders if you have multiple usage addresses (one order per usage address). You can specify the usage address while placing the order, and you can change that any time in the ‘Client Portal’ after the order is placed.

If a new nexus is established or applicable laws mandate QFS to start or stop collecting sales taxes, based on your usage address registered with the order, then your PayPal subscription will be modified to include or exclude Sales taxes owed as required to be collected by QFS. You will be notified at least 1 week in advance of this change and your PayPal subscription will be modified approximately 1 week before the payment is due.

If *you* make a change to the usage address, QFS will process that address change in a reasonable amount of time after and if required the associated PayPal subscription may be updated to include or exclude any sales taxes QFS is required to collect. If the subscription amount is updated, you will be notified *after* the PayPal subscription is updated.

QFS is unable to honor sales tax exemption certificates at this time.

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16th, 2013.

Version: 1.0.0