About Us

Who we are
QuantFinSoft, Inc. is a software development and consulting firm based in USA. We are programmers with expertise in building software solutions for finance.

Our mailing address is:
QuantFinSoft, Inc.
9 East Loockerman St., Suite 202-533
Dover, DE 19901

What we do
Our mission is to help investors and traders in their endeavor to protect and grow their wealth. We strive to accomplish this by developing software for quantitative analyses of financial instruments to help traders and investors make better trading/investment decisions.

Why we created QuantFinSoft
With so many investment ideas and trading strategies that are hard to validate, or articles and blogs that contradict one another, we created QuantFinSoft to build software that you as a customer can use to:
1. Research, validate and backtest specific trading/investment models.
2. Research trading/investing opportunities that might exist.
3. Suggest possible entry and exit points.
4. Develop a methodical approach to investing/trading.