Quantitative analyses and finance are heavily intertwined. But since the crash of 2008 there has been a renewed focus on making investment choices that can provide steady returns or minimize losses even in downturns. After suffering heavy volatility and losses, more and more investors and traders are looking for tools that could help them achieve stability of returns. With a plethora of investment choices like ETFs, options, futures and mutual funds that cater to very specific or broad categories, along with phenomenal advances in computing power, quantitative analyses and tools have become more viable to achieve just the right mix of risk and reward. 

At QuantFinSoft, we build software tools for such quantitiave analyses to help investors and traders make better investing and trading decisions. If you are an investor, trader, someone who manages his or her own retirement funds, financial advisor or anyone with an interest in finance, we are sure you will find our strategies and tools relevant and helpful in gaining an edge. We welcome you to explore our latest product QFS Momentum Trader - an Excel spreadsheet application to identify short term oversold conditions.

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